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About me


Trained classically, then jazz, Js discovered electronic music during the 90s: trance and techno at An-Fer in Dijon. Always curious about new sounds and cultures. Residences: Maltberrie’s and B@rt (Dijon, France), Loft, Majestic & Exo-Night (Orléans, France).


De formation classique, puis jazz, Js découvre la musique électronique dans les années 90 : trance et techno à An-Fer à Dijon. Toujours curieux de nouveaux sons et cultures. Résidences : Maltberrie’s et B@rt (Dijon, France), Loft, Majestic & Exo-Night (Orléans, France).


No matter the format of the musical support as long as the DJ has a story to tell.

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Let’s hear some sounds from my brain, my flesh… Or only from my home studio.

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Often, a remix new idea comes to me during a mix. So I isolate the idea and sometimes ut becomes a remix.

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